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Absolument Femme by Saint Algue

  • layered bob
  • hair with pushed back sides
  • bedhead hairstyle
  • 60s hairdo
  • hair pushed backwards
  • hair that is straight as straws
  • short layered bob
  • short haircut with texture
  • short hair styled with gel
  • sleek red hair
  • long red hair
  • red curls and spirals
  • sexy mens haircut
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Blonde and red are the hair colors of choice for the Saint Algue fall / winter collection. Sorry, brunettes. The palette goes from the coolest tone of blonde to the spiciest red and that is only the beginning of the contrasts and opposites, which make this collection so seductive.
Saint Algue puts the feminine element back in the limelight and presents hairstyles that cover a whole range of facets and personalities. From sexy short ruffled styles to glossy, sleek luxury locks. Temptation finds new a new expression in every strand.
video Artistic Director: Cathy Monnier for Saint Algue
Make-up: Luc Drouen
Styling: Olivia Arnaud
Photography: Gilles-Marie Zimmerman
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