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Big Curls, Big Hair

One color accent can turn a well known big hair look into a novelty. If you love the wild volume but want to set yourself apart from the other 80s aficionados, let DeepKeikoo inspire you to play with color. Less is more in this case and the salmon color effect was only blended into the upper part of the long side bangs.
Her eye make-up features a similar color and the general effect is very modern and intriguing. Temporary hair color could be a quick solution, but it won't give you the depth and luscious shine that a good stylist can achieve.
  • big curls
  • hairstyle with temporary hair color
  • long hair with big curls
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Collection: Prospettica
Hairdressers: DeepKeikoo
Hair Cut: Salvatore Silvestro
Hair Color: Alessandro Gaglione
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