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Retro A-Line

You may be familiar with an A-line bob, where the back is shorter than the front for an intriguing silhouette. Deepkeikoo uses the idea in a much shorter haircut. A smooth, slightly curved line springs forward in a downward angle at about the level of her eyes. The sides and the back are clipped super short.
To push the contrast even further the sleek top section boasts gorgeous sprinkles of color. The rich berry tone pops out in the dark brown base color and was applied in irregular patches. A portion of the back and top hair breaks the smoothness with semi curls and a lot of wild movement. This very short hairstyle has so many details that make it unique!
  • short haircut with the back shorter than the front
  • very short hairstyle for women
  • short hairstyle with a long front
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Collection: Prospettica
Hairdressers: DeepKeikoo
Hair Cut: Marco Canfora
Hair Color: Giampaolo Chirichella
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