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Elegant Updo

Opulent curls are contrasted by tightly pulled sides, the latter almost reminding of a very short undercut, which could be an alternative to styling the longer sides up and pinning them. The top shows off the layers of curls that make this hairstyle so dramatic. Most of them are well defined in their luscious roundness but a certain amount of frizz and disheveling comes in as a sensual touch.
The bangs are sleeker than the rest and dip about halfway into her forehead. A perfect look for any festive occasion or even just when you feel a bit fancy.
  • modern updo
  • updo with opulent curls
  • updo with curls and sleek bangs
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Collection: Prospettica
Hairdressers: DeepKeikoo
Hair Cut: Alessandro Gaglione
Hair Color: Giampaolo Chirichella
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