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Short Hairstyle with Spikes

With even more mojo this short and dark temptation emanates a can-do attitude and an adventurous spirit. All that happened to get his energy is a lift of the top hair. The sides and the short fringe are allowed to fall pretty much where they want to, just guided a little with some wax or gel and fingers.
It is the top hair that refuses to follow the gravity rule and stands up in all directions. This is one of the best "feel good" looks. You'll never have to worry about this hairstyle to be less than spectacular.
hairstyles for short hair
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Collection: Dark Light
Artistic Director: Fabien Provost for Fabio Salsa
Hair: Fabien Provost and Alexandrine Piel
Make-up: Charlotte Willer
Leather Outfits: Serge Pariente
Photography: Adel Awad
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