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Lavender Wedge

A clear line, a narrow curve and an angle that lifts the gaze upward are what this dream of hair is made of. The geometric shape has built in contrasts with one sleek, long side and one short and finely clipped side with a velvety surface.
The dominant part is a large wedge that features the steep and clear cutting ling standing out at about 45 degrees from her face, starting at the cheekbone. The hair color is a metallic, beautifully shimmering lavender, that reminds of retro violet candy and adds a cosmic touch but also softness to the bold lines of the short haircut.
short wedge hairstyle
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Collection: Curve
Hair: Saco Creative Team led by Richard Ashforth
Make-up: Andrew Gallimore
Clothing: Hasan Hejazi
Photography: David Oldham
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