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Sleek and Tapered Cut with Fringe

Glossy and with the texture of molten copper, this elegant medium length hairstyle outshines them all. A round cut with a daring plunge down her back is all about curves and soft lines. From the very tip of the back a long line curves all around her face and then again to the back.
Sides are skillfully tapered and adjusted to the lines of her face and neck. As finely tunes as the cut is also the color. Strands of darker and lighter copper are not just set side by side, but overlapping in layers with allows these amazingly soft transition to appear. The color is luminous and most of all luxurious.
glossy copper hair in a tapered cut
round cut for medium long hair
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Collection: Color Trophy
Hairstyle: Lenka Jakubova for Petra Mechurov√° Hair Design
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