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Latin Locks

Large curls have been the weapon of many temptresses since the beginning of time. We also fell in love with the elegant and passionate hairstyles that Latin women wear with such nonchalance. Get ready to tango. Angus M redefines this look for the women of the world and invites you to show your sexy, sultry side and not hold back.
Large waves turn into smaller, ravishing curls that play around her shoulders. The hair is taken out of the face - you need that space to show of your dramatic earrings! One lofty, quiff like motion takes the fringe up and to the side. The color is a spicy mix of dark and medium brown tones that are in ideal harmony with a little black dress!
long hair with curls and waves
long hair taken out of the face
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Collection: Angus M Volume 4
Photos & Copyright: Paul Mitchell
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