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Angus M Volume 4

Paul Mitchell

  • asymmetrical short bob
  • light and fluffed bob
  • short hairstyle with cut-outs
  • slightly angled bob
  • short hairstyle with a mixture of colors
  • short hair with long spikes
  • hairstyle for a Latin look
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Volume 4 is part of the Alchemy collection by Angus Mitchell. The son of the late Paul Mitchell grew up in a world of celebrities and amazing hair was all around him all the time. Thank heavens, he did follow in his father's footsteps and is now blazing his very own creative path.
Angus approaches hair with the vision of an artist. He reinvents, transforms and creates. That is what Alchemy is about. In the old days Alchemy was a way to manipulate the elements in order to change their nature and to ultimately create gold.
With his new collection Angus transforms something common into something special as well. Hair becomes art and hairstyles that have a familiarity are changed and transported to a higher level. Color, the art of the cut, and styling all work together to challenge our perception and take us to new dimensions in the world of hair.
Photos & Copyright: Paul Mitchell
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