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Haircuts Autumn-Winter 2012-2013

  • perfect fit bob
  • classic round haircut
  • wrap around hairstyle
  • short hairstyle with one longer side
  • blonde hair with layers
  • hair with messy waves
  • textured medium long hair
  • bob with wispy points
  • bob with a gentle slope
  • long red hair
  • long red hair with curls
  • medium long red bob
  • versatile cut for men
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Smooth and smoking hot are the suggestions made by Intermède for a hair-fashionable autumn and winter season. Colors, cuts and styles reflect spicy warmth and a sophisticated balance. Intermède focuses on classic haircuts, all of course with a contemporary finish.
Textures, super shiny surfaces and organic shapes celebrate the feminine and the selection of hairstyles is broad enough to have a new favorite look for every woman out there.
The real star of this collection are the colors. To illuminate the darker months Intermède uses broad highlights in an innovative way to add luster to each hairstyle. No harsh contrasts, but all the hair is elevated with harmonious tone in tone techniques. Read on and get inspired!
Hairstyles: William Lepec for Intermède
Hair Color: Jérôme Poret
Styling: Kathrin Lezinsky
Make-up: Vesna Estord
Photography: Jean-François Verganti
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