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Echo of Ancient Greece

This hairstyle is a modern take on the look of the goddesses of Mount Olympus as the hair is swept back to create a bump at the top. Though a loose bun can be incorporated, you can also use a larger curler to keep the top in place while you tousle the rest of the hair.
Stray strands can have braids, twists (which can create tousles if done on wet hair), and curls, based on how you dry your natural hair. Clip the top back and secure the braids with small, clear elastics and the twists with hair spray. Fun, free, modern, and chic, just what a goddess should be.
Hairstyle inspired by ancient Greece
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Collection: Rock Your Summer
Hairstyle: Jean Louis David
Artistic Team: Vanessa Giani, Jean-Jacques Ayache & Martyn Foss-Calder
Make-up: Delphine Ehrhart
Stylist: ChloƩ Dugast
Photography: Laurent Darmon
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