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Rock Nineties - Tousled

Time for an extremely tousled play on the choppy, layered bob. The contrasting colors that have been added to the hair help to create and enhance dimension as well as depth. The hair is brought over and blown to one side and then the tousled part is achieved with Jean Louis David Urban Style Texture Powder.
Tousling is easiest when one twists the hair into small segments and then lets it air dry. Product is added before, during, and after but this could also be achieved with a flat iron or large curling iron to add the amount of edge and volume needed.
The side bangs can be easily tousled with a few twists and with some spray to keep the hair in place. Hair over one eye always adds extra intensity and sexiness, especially with a funky hairstyle like this.
Collection: Rock Your Summer
Hairstyle: Jean Louis David
Artistic Team: Vanessa Giani, Jean-Jacques Ayache & Martyn Foss-Calder
Make-up: Delphine Ehrhart
Stylist: ChloƩ Dugast
Photography: Laurent Darmon
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