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Rays of Light

Deep angles and layers accentuate the face in a super positive way and a long forelock covers one eye, adding to the allure of the dynamic hairstyle. Lighter highlights have been placed all over to create depth and contrast, as if the sun did all of the work.
Blow dry with a round brush, flipping the ends up as you go along and then finish all over with a flat iron to complete the flipped style and to create even more shine as well as some sultry waves. You can secure with a light dusting of hairspray and you are ready to take on the day, night, or both.
Brown hair with highlights to create depth
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Collection: Milano Style Line
Hairstyle: Itely Hairfashion
Art Director: Federica Trerè
Colorists: Itely Hairfashion Technical Team
Photography: Mauro Mancioppi
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