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Yes, I Dare

Daring ladies, you have met your match with this pitch black short and layered shag inspired hairstyle with thick side swept bangs.
A mix of gray bits (chrome, steel, and/or silver) along with air force blue helps to add even more depth to the cut and color while the addition of red on the longer sides (sideburn area) completes the contrast.
Use a flat iron on the longer pieces and style upwards while securing all over with a serum or pomade/wax. Flat irons can also add super sheen to this “Yes, I Dare” look. So, do you dare?
Hair colored with a mix of black, gray, blue and red
Daring hairstyle with longer pieces
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Collection: Milano Style Line
Hairstyle: Itely Hairfashion
Art Director: Federica Trerè
Colorists: Itely Hairfashion Technical Team
Photography: Mauro Mancioppi
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