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Gritty Look

A platinum blonde base with peek-a-boo apricot, rose, gold, and bronze streaks helps to start this super fun take on the disco era.
Make several tight braids all around the hair, using a touch of hairspray for hold and then let it air dry, preferably overnight. After the hair is dry, take the braids out and then brush out the natural crimps that the braids have helped to create. Use a big wooden brush to increase the chance of volume and continue to add hairspray so that you achieve that maximum in hold and fullness.
If you can find a crimper at a beauty supply store or the salon, that will work wonders but you must tease and/or brush the crimps and waves out for fullness and fun. The mixed in hair colors help add to the look by giving it some colorful charm.
Collection: Milano Style Line
Hairstyle: Itely Hairfashion
Art Director: Federica Trerè
Colorists: Itely Hairfashion Technical Team
Photography: Mauro Mancioppi
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