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Color Wins

If you want to play with extreme hair color, in the funky sense, while still maintaining a somewhat sophisticated style, this is the best way to do it. The base is a darker brown and the hair is parted dramatically to one side. Up until the top layer, the color stays rich in its chestnut feel and then deep layers have perfectly placed marsala, pale pink, fuchsia, and burgundy highlights, with loose curls only accentuating the bright colors.
A stylist will bring your hair to one side for perfect color placement as well as angle/layer sculpting, depending on how your hair is to begin with. The hair will be dried with a round brush for root volume and perfect flipping while a curling or flat iron will be used to achieve the waves, finished with hairspray. This is, for sure, a color win.
Collection: Milano Style Line
Hairstyle: Itely Hairfashion
Art Director: Federica Trerè
Colorists: Itely Hairfashion Technical Team
Photography: Mauro Mancioppi
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