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Upside Down Braid

A tousled bob with an upside down braid? Now that is a lot of fun and perfect for a girls night or a trip to the beach. It can even work if you are the trendsetter at the gym or coffee shop.
If your hair is not naturally wavy, use a curling iron to create loose waves or braid wet hair and let it dry overnight. Once you have the loose yet seductively natural waves that you desire, part your hair over to one side and begin to braid but not the traditional way.
Instead of over/under, braid under/over and secure with a clear elastic band followed by a matching bobby pin or own the style with a pin of your choice.
Medium hairstyle with an upside down braid
Bob hairstyle with  braiding
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Collection: Spring-Summer
Hairstyle: Benjamin Pinon forCoiff&Co
Cut and coloring: Gaëtan Guégan
Styling: Aurélie Sart
Make-up: Thora Daniels
Photography: Marwan Moussa
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