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Playful Styling

A slightly angled bob with messy styling that adds playfulness. The sides are rounded inwards to accentuate the face.
This hairstyle is easily achieved if you have skipped a shampoo as the natural oils will help the roots flatten nicely and softly without looking super greasy. The front is slightly longer than the rest of the hair and there is a side swept element to this look that can be done with just a little hair spray and your hand.
Brush your hand through the part of the hair that you desire to go to the side and spray gradually. Then let go until those few pieces are resting exactly how you would like them to. Tousle with hairspray or sea salt spray and go.
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Collection: Spring-Summer
Hairstyle: Benjamin Pinon forCoiff&Co
Cut and coloring: Gaëtan Guégan
Styling: Aurélie Sart
Make-up: Thora Daniels
Photography: Marwan Moussa
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