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Plunging Bob with Movement

This is a classic side parted bob where the hair is just a few inches shorter in the back, with the ends hitting below the collarbone. The ends are layered for movement.
If you have naturally straight hair, keep it sleek with a flat iron, curl it under at the ends and add some hair oil to keep the sheen. If you have curly or wavy hair, start with a thick and round wooden brush and blow dry under. Then follow with a flat iron, remembering heat spray is your friend to prevent any fried ends.
The subtle dirty blonde color with peach highlights is a great way to begin to lighten up for spring while staying natural and again, extremely classic.
Modern hairstyles
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Collection: Spring-Summer
Hairstyle: Benjamin Pinon forCoiff&Co
Cut and coloring: Gaëtan Guégan
Styling: Aurélie Sart
Make-up: Thora Daniels
Photography: Marwan Moussa
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