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Flipped Up Hair

This hairstyle is perfect for a night out as it transforms a bold cut into something a little more funky, with flair. The bangs are blunt but swept to the side. You can leave a bobby pin in them while you are styling your hair to keep them secure.
The layers and tapered sides are flipped up and out, something that can be achieved with a flat iron by ironing the hair up, not down. It can be secured with some hairspray. A round brush can also be used along with a hair dryer to add the flip.
Use your fingers to accentuate the ends of the angled sides and layers as well as to shake out the crown of the hair for an even messier and more tousled look. The hair was colored with different shades to give depth.
Medium hairstyle with side bangs
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Collection: Spring-Summer 2017
Hairstyle: Benjamin Pinon forCoiff&Co
Cut and coloring: Gaëtan Guégan
Styling: Aurélie Sart
Make-up: Thora Daniels
Photography: Marwan Moussa
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