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Curls and Handkerchiefs

Sheer beauty! These curls are the product of handkerchiefs that have been folded and twisted around the hair, to produce natural looking and voluminous curls. The handkerchiefs are much subtler and far less damaging than the old-fashioned use of curlers, which is one of the reasons for the return of the curl.
You’ll immediately note how classically and naturally beautiful these soft curls enhance the model’s inherent beauty. This hairstyle looks best on an oval or slim-face, as the curls can make a round face look even more round.
Curls created with folded handkerchiefs
Opposite looks and hairstyles
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Collection: Eden
Hairstyles: Maniatis Paris
Cuts: André Delahaigue, assisted by Alexandre Protti
Coloring: Pamela Frangopoulos
Make-up: Aline Schmitt
Styling: Claire Sybille
Photography: Laurent Darmon
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