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Blonde Bob with Color Contrasts

Parted down the middle, this bob is only enhanced by the coloring, with Saint Algue's “Blond Sunshine” technique. Lighter blonde highlights are used to accentuate the color in a way that seemingly only a summer in the sun can do. It's a somewhat dramatic contrast between the roots, the half lengths and the tips, but still subtle enough to not look unnatural.
The hairstyle can be achieved with a blow dryer and a round brush. Use that to blow out the bob and then add in a flat iron for the bottom to curl the tips under. Add some light hairspray to hold the style and you have one of the hottest and most desirable blonde looks for summer.
Collection: Backlight
Hairstyle: Saint Algue
Cut: Luc Drouen and Emma Guerri
Coloring: Eva Altiparmak
Make-Up: Camille Arnaud
Styling: Chloé Para
Photography: Yves Bottalico
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