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Seventies Glamour

This alluring hairstyle is a flawless crossbreed look between seventies siren and modern nymph. Staying true to the Camille Albane spirit, the colorist incorporated natural looking golden highlights with the model’s auburn-copper base color to create a dazzling effect.
The model’s fine, medium-density hair has been blow-dried inwards with a large-barrel brush for maximum volume. A few tong-created curls are also scattered throughout the style. The exaggerated diagonal bangs scattered with golden sun streaks are the central point of focus.
The bouncy cut was created with a layering technique. The tips of the hair have been thinned out slightly for extra texture and movement. Stylists are always careful not to thin fine, straight hair out too much, as this usually proves to be disastrous.
Collection: Audacious
Hairstyle: Camille Albane
Photography: Nicolas Valois
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