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Pixie for Business Women

This look reminds us of a young and beautiful Alyssa Milano. This is probably one of the best hairstyles for busy business women, mothers or any woman who wants to look good on a daily basis but has a very busy lifestyle.
This short pixie hairstyle is super feminine irrespective of its very short length, thanks to the wispiness of the hair around the face, especially in the fringe area, the long bangs and the subtle sprinkling of golden-blonde highlights.
The bangs are cut diagonally across the model’s forehead, which adds a cutting edge contemporary element to the style.
The neatness of the style makes it perfect for work, while the longer bangs can be styled into a more disheveled, fun way within minutes with the use of a little wax, when you’re going out for drinks after work.
Collection: Stadtamazonen
Hair: Arnoldy & Traub Friseure
Make-up: Renata Traupe with REVIDERM Skincare Inspired Make-up
Styling: Valérie Uckermann
Model: Kristina (PR Models/München)
Photography: Stefan Imielski
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