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One Side Over

A comb-over does not have to be a bad thing! Add some spark to your short cut by moving the hair over the crown to one side and creating a fun cascade of wavy, textured locks. Use a curl enhancing spray that also helps with styling and adds shine without weighing down the hair. A little mousse in the lengths and a finishing mist of hairspray to make it last.
The result is a lovely asymmetry, intensified by the transitions of hair color from dark blonde to a light honey blonde. The small side reveals the ear and shows of the bling just wonderfully. The heavy side is full of soft waves and volume.
Evening looks with modern hairstyles
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Collection: Hairstyles AW 2016-2017
Hair: Benjamin Pinon for Coiff&Co
Hair Cut & Coloring: Gaétan Guégan
Make-up: Natacha Maillard
Styling: Olivia Arnaud
Photography: Nicolas Buisson
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