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Updo for a Short Cut Look

It is not what it may seem at first glance. When you turn a long layered haircut into an updo, chances are that it will look like a short cut! Just keep the free top layers and the braided sides, which are tugged under in the back, in harmony with each other. The result is a short neckline and longer top hair just like in a sporty short cut.
This look is as refined as it is timeless. Her hair color is a luscious mahogany red with highlights in just the right places.
Evening looks with modern hairstyles
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Collection: Hairstyles AW 2016-2017
Hair: Benjamin Pinon for Coiff&Co
Hair Cut & Coloring: Gaétan Guégan
Make-up: Natacha Maillard
Styling: Olivia Arnaud
Photography: Nicolas Buisson
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