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Hair in Motion

Forget stage fright. With this hairstyle there is nothing to fear. A two tone layered cut with an angled back and long bangs is styled with large curls and a most thrilling outward loop in the tips of the fringe. A dark, almost black brown sits at the base, in the roots and on the under body of this hairstyle.
The top layers are lighter brown with extra highlights in gold. The contrast brings much life to the look and visually underlines the movement. Tug one side behind the ear, and let the curls roam free with a good mix of definition and disheveling.
Short hair with an outward loop
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Collection: Back Stage
Hairstyles: Jean Louis David
Artistic Team: Vanessa Giani, Jean-Jacques Ayache & Martyn Foss-Calder
Make-up: Delphine Ehrhart
Photography: Laurent Darmon
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