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Styled Back

Being a little backwards can be this stylish! The feathery short cut in the previous image is now styled in the opposite direction and falls to the back in a stylish wave. This generates great volume and a spirited dynamic. Sides and neck are simple and narrow, leaving the focus on the top hair, which is also enhanced by the highlights. The darker roots make the light effects stand out and together the hair colors underline the movement and deep dimension of the cut.
A beautiful styling with effortless and casual elegance that is perfect for professional women who need an easy to style look, which is beautiful in the office and gives them a fashion icon status at happy hour as well.
Dynamic look with hair that falls to the back
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Collection: Die Kunst der Verwandlung
Photos & Hairstyles: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
Photographer: Erwin Menzel
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