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Feathery Motion

Isn't it amazing how much some texture can change the character of a hairstyle and with that, your entire appearance? Less strict and still featuring the intriguing and edgy undercut, this short golden look thrills with boyish charm and modern feminine elegance. Laetitia Guenaou succeeded in combining opposites and raising a short cut to the highest levels in hair art.
Very fine highlights look so natural as if they were really just reflections of light. The trick is to find the perfect tone, just a few steps lighter than the base color.
Collection: Hairstyles Fall-Winter 2014-2015
Hairstyle: Laetitia Guenaou
Hair: Agata Kociolek, Jadwiga Bugaj, Coraline Gustave
Styling: Elena Ciuprina
Make-Up: Karolina Supernak assisted by Magdalena Tucznio
Photos: John Hennequin assisted by Cyril Gourdin
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