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Boy and Girl Cut

A multitasking cut that is no only delightfully androgynous, but also offers a multitude of styling options. The hair features long layers in a short silhouette cut with strongly textured tips.
Layers of wide strands were styled overlapping and each layer points into a different direction. This can be done with a fine styling comb and a generous amount of hairspray. Wild strands are pulled into her face. The cool gray hair color is kissed by a faint hint of blonde for more warmth.
Collection: Camille
Hairdresser: Laurent Decreton - Coiffeur Ambassadeur L"Oréal Paris
Assistant Hairdressers: Clémence Pilgram and Romain Teixeira
Coloring: Patricia Cotti and Elodie Pécheur
Make-up: Vera Dierckx
Styling: Sandrine Duprez
Photography: Christian Achman
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