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Retro Lift

What to do with a long fringe, when you want to show all of your face? Just lift it up in a retro inspired style. The famous rockabilly quiff comes in many shapes and sizes. Here the entire width of the bangs where taken up, teased from the back and then smoothed over to form this fabulous surge of blondness.
Some spray or modeling crème in the roots helps with the standing ability and another mist all over keeps it together for a long night out. To finish, just tug the sides behind the ears, easy and no fuzz for a super cool appearance.
Hairstyle for a cool appearance
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Collection: Spring-Summer 2014
Hair: VOG Coiffure
Artistic Director: Bruno Weppe
Make-up: Carole Lasnier
Styling: Audrey Taillée
Photography: Vincent Alvarez
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