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Medium Long and Preppy

Tennis court, campus or bistro, wherever you show up with this adorable hairdo, jaws will drop. A medium long bob gets more movement with some strategically placed layers. The resulting curvy strands caress her face on both sides and do a trick with her eyes that are suddenly even more magically mysterious than before.
The lower ends are curled inward and a center part keeps it all nice and balanced. Simplicity wins and almost shoulder long haircuts are a great step in the transition from long to short, as it is still long enough to wear up or in a ponytail, but hardly reaches the shoulders.
video Collection: Spring-Summer 2014
Hair: VOG Coiffure
Artistic Director: Bruno Weppe
Make-up: Carole Lasnier
Styling: Audrey Taillée
Photography: Vincent Alvarez
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