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Bohemian Curls

Artist or not, he likes to show his creative side and beautify his surroundings curl by curl. Each one of them is well defined and has a tight bouncy spring. The length is a bit shorter in the neck than in front, which juts out to a stylish, casual fringe.
The sides are short enough to reveal his ears before they melt together with the neatly outlined beard. A natural look, but oozing with metro style. Now, where was that new martini bar again?
Hair and beards for a masculine look
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Collection: Legends of Purity
Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs
Artistic Team: Ilona Duering, Davide Carsidona, Franco de Palma
Clothes: Benjamin Boul & VĂ©ronique Suchet
Make-up: Florent Pellet
Photography: Laurence Laborie
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