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Long Simplicity with Pastel Hair Colors

Pearls and the mother of pearl covered inside of shells are among the most beautiful things to behold. The fragmented light, the plays of the finest pastel tones in their fluid yet frozen movement, has fascinated us since ancient times.
Taking this concept and adding it to a thick long mane, is therefore more than breathtaking. A center part is all she needs, as what counts is the sublime play of colored light, that is so subtle and refined that one my even think of it as a mirage.
Collection: Mother of Pearl
Artistic Director: Angelo Seminara for Davines
International Creative Color Ambassador: Edoardo Paludo
Make-up: Mel Arter @ CLM
Nails: Mike Pockock @ CLM
Stylist: Niccolò Torelli
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
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