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High Roller

This may appear to be a classy updo at first glance, but it is an ingeniously styled short cut. With very short sides the long hair on top seems to be even longer. It was shaped to a huge roll of hair above her forehead and taken to the back in a smooth line. A contrast of color, black and silver, accentuate the shape and add another layer of spectacular to this look.
It is a perfect combination of a traditional cut for men and a flamboyant feminine style. Androgynous at its best. Power eyebrows and a dainty bow tie complete the picture. Ruffle it up for an alternate styling, as can be seen below in the smaller photo.
Very short feminine hairstyle
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Collection: Corporate Coifs
Hair: Clive and Co. Artistic Team
Make-up: Walter Fuentes
Photography: Phoenix Taylor
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