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Bewitching High Ponytail

Spread some magic with a quintessential 60s look, which seems to have jumped right out of the famous show "I dream of Jeannie". It is easier done than it may look, but a helping hand is a good idea to get this amazing look for a night of opulence and festivity. The well brushed hair was gathered at the top of her head and then a wide strand, either of the own hair if you have lots of it or as a separate hairpiece / extension.
If you use a hairpiece, real or fake, it gives you more opportunity to play with the color. Here the wrap harmonizes with her vanilla blonde. This technique gives the ponytail this stand and amazing altitude. A silken and smooth surface for bangs and tail are essential. Use a smoothing serum to tame potential fly-aways.
Collection: Color Time
Hairstyle: Gandini Team for Vitality's
Make-up: Cristina Isac
Styling: Giuseppe Dicecca
Photography: Paulo Renftle
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