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Classic with a Quiff

A bit of bad boy and a lot of clean cut 50's style come together in this exciting fashion haircut for men. Sides are clipped to a velvety soft and short length, while the top part is long enough to be shaped into a round, barrel shaped quiff. The latter is held up with styling gel. With this cut the options for a range of different styling are countless and it is not just the trendiest cut, but perhaps the one that offers the most fun to have with hair.
The sides transition from about half an inch of length at the partition to just a hint of hair in the sideburns which have a clean edge to separate them from the narrow stubble beard. This only runs around his jaw line and a very debonaire mustache above his lip completes the picture.
Male hairstyle with a barrel shaped quiff
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Collection: Version Originale
Hairstyles: Haute Coiffure Fran├žaise
Photography: Olivier Desarte
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