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Sensuous Waves

La Belle de Jour wears her hair open and in a breathtaking pattern of waves and curved tips. This is one of these iconic hairstyles that make hearts beat faster and knees buckle, every decade anew. To get this fabulous movement the hair, which is lightly layered in the lower perimeter, was dried against the direction of growth while lifting it with a styling brush to get some stand into the roots.
The lengths get their delicious curves with a round brush and special effects can be enhanced with a curling iron. A little teasing does not only help with flirting, but it also brings even more volume and hold into the hair. Let the waves fall leisurely, but keep them out of the face. The fringe is curved high and then to the side.
A mist of hairspray is the perfect finish. Rose blond with its very soft golden hue creates this outer worldly glow.
Collection: Version Originale
Hairstyles: Haute Coiffure Fran├žaise
Photography: Olivier Desarte
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