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Loose Upstyle with Hairband and Strands

Curls are only indicated in the long strands that frame the face. The rest of the hair is taken to the back and pinned up. Simple but effective for a festive night. Her dark blonde hair turns very lively with bright and thin highlights that also accentuate the tousled movement of the hair.
Once again a hairband was used to spice up the style, here in an innocent pastel apricot color, that somehow does not look so harmless at all in the combination with this princess style.
Simple updo with loose strands
Updo with a hairband
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Collection: Uptown Girl
Hairstyle: Eric Zemmour
Hair Coloring: Laura Manaira & Laetitia Immordino
Make-up: Justine Lancelle
Styling: Louis Bohème
Photography: Gérard Taride
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