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Hair Trends Spring-Summer 2014

  • light and fluffy bob
  • slanted bob
  • long hair with layers
  • long hair with open styling
  • plunging bob
  • practical short haircut
  • trendy short hairstyle
  • practical hairstyle for men
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The latest hair trends made in France by visionary of hair, Intermède, go beyond the cut and styling and put most focus on the color. Before we notice anything else about someone's hair, it is the color that makes a first impression. We even go as far as to attach more or less imagined personality traits because of the color of a woman's hair.
Sweet blonde, ravishing brunette and passionate red are on the palette this season for a colorful spring and summer. The tones are saturated and have elegant variations in each color to bring out the shape of the cut and to add a lively, natural attraction. It is all about making a woman even more beautiful.
Hairstyles: Intermède
Hair: William Lepec
Color: Jérôme Poret
Styling: Céline de Selva
Photography: Jean-François Verganti
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