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Neck Short Bob with Curls

This is a good way to be light headed. Join the summer fun with a light and fluffy bob. It is sexy, playful and very classy, just perfect for all your summer events and for easy going, casual living in style. The hair was cut at the nape, parted just a finger width off center and then curled.
Thick rollers or a curling iron can do the trick if you don't have a natural wave. If you do, then just use the curling iron to shape the hair and to give it that extra twist in the tips. Use mousse and your fingers to complete the sexy messy styling for a truly outstanding summer hairstyle.
  • Model before long to short makeover
  • Hair cutting from long to short
  • Cutting hair into a bob
  • Freshly cut hair
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Collection: Hair Trends Spring-Summer 2014
Hairstyle: Intermède
Hair: William Lepec
Color: Jérôme Poret
Styling: Céline de Selva
Photography: J.F. Verganti
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