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Graphic Lines with Colorplay

As if she just jumped out of a cubist painting, her hair features straight and curved lines, all of great precision. The main part of the cut features a very short, softly clipped surface that is defined by the sharp line from her ear, over the temple to her forehead.
Then the longer section comes into play and shapes a curved fringe that flows down to the other side, barely touching her eyebrow on its edge. A blue-black hair color was applied just where the short part of the fringe connects to the longer part. It is an exciting contrast to the dark and warm mahogany tone.
Short hairstyle with curved lines
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Collection: Shadow Line
Salon: Frizerstvo Lassana
Haircuts: Metod Tasič, Breda Omahen, Peter Borštnar
Coloring: Olga Antuničevič, Sandra Pogačnik, Dijana Šmitran
Make-up: Darja Vencelj
Styling: Goran Puljic
Photography: Mimi Antolovic
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