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It comes with a Bang!

This is the fringe of all fringes. It dominates the short hairstyle with its bouncy, voluminous size and the "swoosh" of its movement. High fashion with velocity is especially intriguing. The fringe flows from the short and low side part in one generous curve across her face and is contrasted by the short and shapely sides, which cover the ears and are styled for rounded body.
Accentuated with gentle highlights this look displays amazing dimension and definition. A touch of sculpting paste is easy to ruffle and tousle in the right places without the hair being weighed down. It is all about the lightness and the fluffy structure. Medium dark blonde with a transparent kiss of walnut is a very elegant color.
Collection: Ombre
Hairstyles: Haute Coiffure Fran├žaise
Photography: Alexandre Pattein
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