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Big Styling for Chin Length Bob

Highlights are ever so subtle with their wide streaks of Nutella color on the dark base. Subtlety however ends here. The volume is nothing but bold and the expression of the hairstyle is smoldering hot. The cut is a chin length bob with just a little angled layering in the lower perimeter. In the styling all possible steps were taken to create this soft and round volume.
After drying the hair over thick rollers or a large round brush, it was teased from underneath ever so gently and then smoothed out gently. A bit of styling spray on the roots is a great help to make this work and most of all, to make it last as long as you need it. Glamour and Elegance to the max!
Collection: Natural
Hair: Andrew Collinge
Make-up: Liz Collinge
Photography: Roberto Aguilar at the Bed Head Studio
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