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Black Onyx Boycut

Power and mystery just ooze out of ever fiber of this short haircut with a mix of lengths in its design. As short as the neck is, the fringe is extra long and can be worn in many different ways. Keep it fashionably messy for a rebellious, sexy look, but it also looks great in a sleek version or with the ends all curled up, as it can be seen in the smaller image below.
This hairstyle was inspired by the Mohawk looks right off the Fendi catwalks this season. The color is as black as a moonless night shimmering in its black onyx tone with just a few dark brown accents.
Short haircut with a mix of hair lengths
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video Collection: The Marble Collection
Salon: Sanké Hairdressers
Hair Cindy Van Diesen & Michaël Del Bianco
Make-up: Joyce Walian
Styling: Nick Foss
Photography: Giel Domen
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