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Retro Look with a Braid

Rockabilly meets peasant girl and this is the fashionable result. A braid created in the French technique that incorporates more and more strands of hair along its way and keeps the braid close to the head is combined with a retro quiff.
A daring contrast, yet full of harmony and bringing styles together that were obviously made for each other. The highlights in the lengths stand out brightly against the darker roots. Add loose flying strands around the face for softness and to give the summer breezes something to play with.
Collection: On S'attache
Artistic Director: Fabien Provost for Franck Provost
Hair: Fabien Provost and Alexandrine Piel
Make-up: Charlotte Willer
Styling: ChloƩ Dugast
Photography: Adel Awad
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