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Long and Sleek

Nothing beats the intensity and beauty of a long and most minimal look. Center part and long sides still fascinate and are more beautiful than ever after a make-over by Camille Albane. The simplicity of the shape is balanced with a more elaborate color pattern.
The base color is a golden, dark blonde, but darker tones around the face and a few sun kissed sections, bring it it effervescent life and we cannot get enough of it. You don't even have to use chemicals in your hair to get the color variations. Hair extensions are a quick and easily reversible way to add more sparkle and interest to your mane.
Collection: Express Yourself
Hairstyle: Camille Albane
Hairstylist: Louis Lafolie
Colorist: Vincent Venzat
Make-up: Camille Albane team
Photographer: Nicolas Valois
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