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The Braid

Starting on her crown a long braid was woven in the French braiding technique, which incorporates more and more strands in the progression of it until all hair is unified. Focus for this hairstyle was to create a soft and romantic look, therefore the hair was put together very gently and with much room to display a beautiful wave pattern around the head.
The long part of the braid that was draped over her shoulder is also rather casual with ends sticking out creating a soft line and a playful attitude amidst all of the elegance and high fashion in this hairstyle.
Collection: Eva
Hairstyles: Laurent Decreton - Coiffeur Ambassadeur L'Oréal Paris
Coloring: L'Oréal Professionnel Paris - Inoa 2 & Platinium
Make-up: Vera Dierckx
Styling: Sandrine Duprez
Photography: Christian Achman
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