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Hair and Beard Combo for Him

Last but not least there is a great look for the men out there. We all need dance partners and a handsome one like this will rule the floor underneath the mirrored ball. A swift transition from the short sides to the long top hair gives him good volume and dapper style.
His hair was treated with a styling crème, which gives it the rustic texture and that casual swagger. The facial hair is trimmed nice and has a clear outline without any random tufts at the throat. Clean and just the right mix of rugged and stylish. What was that favorite slow song again?
Beard with a clear outline
Short hairstyle with curls for the dance floor
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Collection: Let's Dance
Artistic Director: Fabien Provost for Fabio Salsa
Hairstyles: Fabien Provost and Alexandrine Piel
Make-Up: Charlotte Willer
Styling: Béatrice Rion
Photography: Adel Awad
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