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Bob on Fire

A fiery and feisty Bob might be all you need to make a statement. Let you hair express your confidence and security in your own stylish world. Just because we get older does not mean we have to look like our mothers. Go for the color and texture that modern hair design can give us.
This is a wonderful take on a classic bob with a hint of the traditional, but also with a lot of passion and unconventional attitude. The color transitions seamlessly from a deep copper to a strong brass color that lightens towards the tips. A neat part with a diagonal fringe is contrasted by the tousled lengths with an irregular cutting line.
Collection: Vibrantly
Hair: Marco Arena & Team
Coloring: Kathleen Bock & Rebecca Dietz
Make-up: Anna Meier
Styling: Mia Vehro
Photography: Adrian Bedoy & Team
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